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http://motionup.emotiondesign.it/CLIENTI/cellfood/img/news/2016121559__ahtijakson.jpg Testimonianza di Ahti Jakson - Bodybuilder ESTONIA

Condividiamo con tutti voi questa bellissima testimonianza ricevuta dal nostro distributore in Estonia - Rakutoit.
We are very pleased to share with all of you this new testimonial recevied from our Estonian dsitributor - Rakutoit.

I have been using Cellfood know for 7 months and i have had a lot of good changes.

Cellfood has given me well being, i can concentrate and study after long day of work and hard training.


I´m bodybuilder and for me was big problem recovery in training.. In my trainings i did not progress, more like i had to train with same weights.

I increased Cellfood drops, and made a changes in how i take cellfood.

I´m using 2X8 drops and 2X16 drops in day. 16 drops in morning, 8 drops in lunch time, 16 drops in trainings and 8 drops before i go to sleep.


In this system i have increased weights in all of weight exercises 10-20 kilos. And i have made my personal 4 records, in different weight trainings.


Amazing is that i have not been ill in all this 7 months, and i have not have had any more headaches in this time.

I will be taking Cellfood all the time, and will recommend it to everybody because Cellfood provides well being, faster recovery and helps me focus and gives me good health.


Ahti Jakson, Bodybuilder, Estonia“



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