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- Analytical Report: Dissolved Oxygen

- USP Challenge Test of CELLFOOD

- Microbiological Test for LOG Reduction

- Electrolyte Test

- LD 50 Acute Oral Toxicity Safety Study

- A beneficial Colloid? Report of an investigation into the colloidal Nature of CELLFOOD (Zeta Potential)

- Surface Tension Study

- Clinical observations on the nutritional efficacy of CELLFOOD 

- University of Pretoria Study - Long Form

- University of Pretoria Study - Summary Form

- Free Radical Clinical Study

- Free Radical Analytical Study

University of Siena Study

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- The efficacy of Switch (Tm) as a nutritional and possible performance optimisation supplement in high performance road, track and off-road cyclists.

- Oxygen Sensing Homeostasis and Disease

- Nurturing our cell and protecting DNA integrity from skin to the bone an innovative sublingual nutraceutical system.

- Hypoxia, Free Radicals and Antioxidants. The "Deutrosulfazyme" paradox

- Endothelial Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Diseases: The Role of Oxidant Stress

- Antioxidants, Diabetes, and Endothelial Dysfunction

- The Triad of Endothelial Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Disease, and Erectile Dysfunction: Clinical Implications

- Cellfood improves respiratory metabolism of endothelial cells and inhibits hypoxia-induced rective oxygen species (ROS) generation

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- The antioxidant protection of CELLFOOD against oxidative damage in vitro

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- Hypoxia, Free Radicals and Antioxidants. The "Deutrosulfazyme" paradox 

- Oxidative Stress as Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Risk Associated with Metabolic Syndrome

- Oxidative Stress Stimulates Autophagic Flux During Ischemia/Reperfusion

- CELLFOOD AcuGraph Study 1 - Study of the Effects of Cellfood® Liquid Concentrate on the Human Energy System

- CELLFOOD AcuGraph Study 2 - Case Study Demonstrating the Effects of Cellfood® Liquid Concentrate on the Energies of a Test Subject

A Case of multiple sclerosis improvement following removal of heavy metal intoxication.

- Reactive oxygen species in Health and diseases

- Environmental Toxins and Children's Health

- Role of S-adenosylmethionine, folate, and betaine in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease: summary of a symposium

- The Hepatocarcinogenic Effect of Methionine and Choline Deficient Diets: an Adaptation to the Warburg Effect?

- Hepatoprotective effects of S-adenosyl-L-methionine against alcohol and cytochrome P450 2E1 induced liver injury

- The Logic of the Hepatic Methionine Metabolic Cycle

- Vitamin - Dependent Methionine Metabolism and Alcoholic Liver Disease

- Widening the Paradigm in Medicine and Health: The Memorandum of Understanding between The European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine EPMA and the Italian Charity “Association for Person Centred Medicine”. Journal of Alternative & Integrative Medicine (AIM) 2013 - Roberti di Sarsina P, Alivia M, Guadagni P

- Personalization of Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: Using the Chelation Therapy approach

- METABOLISM modifications and apoptosis induction after CellfoodTm administration to luekemia cell lines 

- Oxygen Consumption and Usage During Physical Exercise: The Balance Between Oxidative Stress and ROS-Dependent Adaptive Signaling

- Oxygen Sensing, Homeostasis and disease

- Complex I deficencies in neurological disorders

- The antiproliferative effect of the nutritional supplement CELLFOOD Tm on human cancer cell lines: from metabolism modifications to apoptosis induction. Thesis of Simona Catalani - University of Urbino

- Improvement of oxidative and metabolic parameters by CellfoodTm administration in patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases on chelation treatment

- European Journal Of Integrative Medicine - Abstracts 5th European Congress for Integrative Medicine - Florence Sept. 2012

- 2nd International Congress of Preventive Medicine and Healthy Aging - Milan, April 2007 

- The Clinical Importance of Assessing Tumor Hypoxia: Relationship of Tumor Hypoxia to Prognosis and Therapeutic Opportunities

- "Effect of dietary silicon and aluminum on silicon and aluminum levels in rat brain"

- "Silicon reduces aluminum accumulation in rats: relevance to the aluminum hypothesis of Alzheimer disease"

- "The potential influence of silica present in drinking water on Alzheimer`s disease and associated disorders"

- "Oral silicon supplementation: an effective therapy for preventing oral aluminum absorption and retention in mammals" - PDF STUDY

- "Reactive oxygen species a double-edged sword for mesothelioma"

- "Efficacy of chelation therapy to remove aluminium intoxication"

- Regulation of Oxygen Homeostasis by Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1


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